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Leslie is UDP Mayoral Candidate, Willoughby remains on UDP ticket

The UDP convention is over and while Phillip Willoughby was beaten for the Mayoral Candidacy, he still remains on the UDP ticket to contest the 2018 municipal elections. We cannot forget however that Leslie enjoyed most of the support within the party, receiving an endorsement from Mayor Darrell Bradley and Minister Tracy Panton, who Willoughby had hoped would back him in his run. But all was been decided by the party supporters on Sunday, and since both men remain on the team, we asked Leslie if there is any animosity between them.

“Not at all. I think it strengthens it more than anything because you see the strengths of Phillip, myself and all the other candidates, we come together; we are going to have an unbeatable team so if anything it helps it now. Myself and Phillip we work towards one goal now  which is securing victory for the UDP come March next year and we are all in line now. He even put a Facebook post expressing those exact sentiments. We are going to meet probably mid week, myself and the other Councilor candidates and we are going to sit down, strategize, go over where we move from now just because the convention is over doesn’t mean the work stops. It’s just beginning.”