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Let peace reign!

A wave of crime has been taking place in Belize that has robbed its citizens of their sense of security. As a result, several organizations have embarked on initiatives to restore peace and order. The latest initiative is Peace in the Parks.  Love News spoke with Robin Schaffer, the Communication Officer at Restore Belize, about the initiative.

Robin Schaffer – Communication Officer: We are having a series of park events. This is the first in a series and it’s one of the biggest or the biggest for this year that we are going to have. It’s a family event so we are inviting all the residents of Yabra, all the residents of Belize City to come out. The objective of Peace in the Park is to reclaim public spaces and to make them safe for children in particular. Also we will be doing child consultations to kind of understand their experiences in their own words and finally we will have services provided to the families on the day. BFLA will be out there doing Cancer screening, NAC along with VCT will be doing HIV/AIDS testing, we will have stuff for the children, bouncy houses, trampolines, Ozzy the Clown; we will have performances all day on the stage and we will have basketball tournament.


Taiwan provided the funding for the Peace in the Park project, which will be held at the Yarborough Green on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.