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Letter Surfaces: Patrick Tillett’s Involvement in Missing Visa Stickers

Patrick Tillett, the former finance controller at the Belize City Council, is named in the Auditor General’s Report along with his then colleague and former Deputy Mayor, Eric Chang. Both men have been summoned before the Senate Select Committee since they rejected the committee’s invitation last week Wednesday. In her report, the auditor general states that Tillett and Chang ended up with eight missing visa foils. The report states that Tillett brought back two of the missing foils to the immigration department in Belmopan asking George Reynolds to fix the passport. Tillett has refused to appear before the committee to answer to these allegations. A letter purportedly sent to the Public Service Commission and purportedly signed by Tillett gives a different version of the story. The letter dated on January 23, 2016, refers to, not eight, but seven visa foils. In the letter, Tillett reportedly writes, quote, “We were seeking to acquire the said visas lawfully and an immigration agent was introduced to us, who claimed he could acquire the visas for an agreed sum. The agent was partially paid and the visas were delivered as agreed. Upon inspection of the visas by one of the principals, it appeared that the visas were not issued in the right way. I showed the visas to an officer within the immigration officer in Belmopan who confirmed our views. We mentioned the issues to the agent, and we asked him to fix the problems”. End of quote. The letter continues, quote “The agent returned the visa for a second time, but it was stamped with an immigration cashier stamp and everything led us to conclude that a scam was being perpetrated and we subsequently discarded the visas.” End of quote. Tillett tells the commission that about a month letter, he was approached by Immigration Officer Tench who told him about the missing visa foils. Tillett asserted that he has never been involved in any immigration matter. As we said, Tillett has been summoned by the Senate Select Committee to answer to the allegations made against him.