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Library workshop focuses on changes and technology within library system

Twenty three individuals were a part of a training focusing on changes within the library system and how technology can be used.  Pauline Soberanis Tillett joined the library service for this report.

Pauline Tillet: The one week workshop was conducted by Dr. Patricia Ball and Dr. Ed Lomac professors from Valdez State University. Love News caught up with Lucia Castillo acting Chief librarian who told us why this workshop is important for Belize.”

Lucia Castillo: “The library is important development with the staff every year as you all know Belize does not have library school. It is the responsibility of the Belize National Library to conduct training for staff for their professional development. Through Covec we are able to source out professors that can assist us with this project and it is through that project that they come down here and train Belizean Library personnel. We have done this for three years and we intend to take this information that we are gathering to develop the libraries further. As you all know libraries are changing, the environments are changing and so the libraries need to change along with it and because of that we’re incorporating technologies that are out there; the free softwares especially that are out there and how it can be maximised in Belize for the community and the

libraries itself.

Pauline Ttillet: We also spoke with Dr. Partica Ball and Dr. Ed Lomac who told us why they came to belize to do this workshop.”

Dr. Patricia Bol: “ I am here to teach public libraries and I am teaching it through a continuing education program or The Vebasa State University. I found the students to be very anxious to learn, I found them to be very; you know when we compare problems from here to Cobb County we all seem to have the same problems and you know it was good to be able to let them know that the same problems they have libraries have all over the world.

Dr. Ed Lomac: “My influence in this court has been on the technological side and the goal of my participation was to provide students here with a glimpse of what is possible with freely available open software that can be had on the internet and uses the internet so it’s part of the operation. I found the workshop to be a very interesting one because students; it always nice when people learn something new and they can apply it immediately and they get joy out of it. My joy comes from seeing people learn and actually putting things to use. The thing I think I am emploring on students is to consider this way beyond just their library, their professional and their work careers. These resources that we described, the technologies that were described in this workshop can be used in all facets of person’s life.”

 Reporting for Love News I am Pauline Soberanis Tillet.