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LICU Holds Long Awaited AGM

Members of the La Inmaculada Credit Union attended the long awaited Annual General Meeting, on November 7.  For some months, there has been turmoil between the management and the members of the credit union surrounding the questioning of financial reports which in-turn led to the dismissal of Yolanda Gomez as the credit union’s General Manager.  During this weekend’s long anticipated AGM, some answers were forthcoming and while the media was not allowed to observe the meeting, the media did manage to get some feedback when it was all said and done.  Nellymae Donaldson is a member of the credit union.


“For me this meeting was very transparent and I understand and I am shocked and I am surprised for things that came out that the auditor spoke about because I didn’t expect that. The process that which money went missing or not accounted for something like that, not carrying through the process that Central Bank required. We in short would call it slack, it was a bit slack, or over confidence. I personally do not think that happened deliberately. It was just somewhere down the line somebody got careless.”

When Love News asked if any reasons were given at the meeting about the termination of Yolanda Gomez, they refused to comment on the matter since they were told it was before the court.  Donaldon, however, did say that she was overall satisfied with the meeting.


“Well that I wouldn’t want to comment on that because that is before the court and I personally don’t have any proof but like this matter is before the court they didn’t answer. I am very pleased with it. I’ve been a member and I hope this does not ruin the credit union because some people are very skeptical but I think this is a way that they try to mend what is bad. Because in your family, I am a mother of nine, and sometimes things don’t go right but I try to amend and make it right so I think they are working in good faith and I believe that the credit union will grow from here.”

Yolanda Gomez was hired as the Manager since 1991.  Since her dismissal, a replacement is yet to be officially named.