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LICU Plans for Special Meeting Following Membership Petition

The Board of Directors of La Inmaculada Credit Union has responded to the request of a group of members who had collected signatures to prompt an Annual General Meeting.   Through a press release yesterday, the credit union announced that it will be holding a Special General Meeting instead of its already overdue AGM.  The announcement comes on the heels of a petition made by some one thousand two hundred plus members who affixed their signature to a letter sent to the Board of Directors of the credit union.  Dave Espadas is one of the members leading the movement and spoke on this achievement.


“At that meeting we are going to discuss the delay of the annual general meeting, the report of audit, dividends due and why the termination of Ms.Gomez that is what we are going to discuss at the special meeting. That being said we have heard through rumors , because nothing is concrete and it’s just rumors, that these people had hired central bank to do the audit they found nothing wrong with the finances, they hired external auditors to go and re-audit the credit union, they were on a witch hunt and we don’t know what they found. What we know is that the issued a letter of dismissal to Ms.Gomez but the investigation is still going on so how can you dismiss a person when you are still investigating the system? It’s totally out of order and these are the things that we want to discuss as members/ owners of the credit unions on this special meeting.”

According to the La Inmaculada Credit Union by-laws, either ten percent or one thousand members of its members needed to formally petition for AGM to be held.  The special meeting is set for Saturday, August 22 at the Muffles College Auditorium beginning at nine o’clock in the morning.