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Lieutenant Almita Pinelo graduates with honors from US Coast Guard Training Center

Tonight we start our newscast with some positivity and good news.  Lieutenant Almita Pinelo of the Belize Coast Guard graduated this morning from the US Coast Guard Training Center in Yorktown, Virginia.    The 29-year-old was the Honor Graduate, meaning she came in first out of a cohort of thirty-nine students from twenty-eight countries who participated in the International Maritime Officers Course (IMOC).  Lieutenant Pinelo, who began the course on March 4, told Love News that, “the most challenging and probably most rewarding was the mix of cultures and languages in the course. Everyone was competing to be number one and I am most grateful to be acknowledged as the honor graduate.”  Pinelo has been in the Belize Coast Guard for six years as an officer and is the first female to receive the prestigious graduate award.  As a result, her name and country will be enshrined in the Honour Graduates Hall of Fame.  Another member of the Minsitry of National Security who has served Belize well is Sergeant Major Roberto Pop of the Belize Defence Force.  Pop was recently inducted into the Non-Commissioned Officer Leadership Center of Excellence International Student Hall of Fame.