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Life of a Belizean Hero plays out at the Bliss

Love of Country, a story on the life of Belizean hero Antonio Soberanis will be featured at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts starting on Thursday. The story is written and produced by Joseph Stamp Romero who told us that he has been working on the script for some time now.

Play writer, Joseph Stamp Romero

“I think it is an untold story. It is a story that resonated with me from a long time since I started reading and researching Soberanis. I have been researching Soberanis for a long time and I like the fact that Antonio Soberanis was a local man and he did a lot for our country. He sacrificed a lot for our country as well and it is one of those stories you don’t hear a lot so I call him an unsung hero and I thought that the time came to tell that story but I wanted a creative way to tell that story. You often hear about the movement of Nationalism, the movement to Independence but you don’t hear about all the players and what those players had to do on the ground to get Belize to where it got in 1981 and so the story of Soberanis also tells of the influence he had with our local people. In our production for example we are focusing on the impact he had on women and children and other people who joined the movement and so a part of our story is focusing on a family within Antonio Soberanis era. The family is not factual, they are made up by me the writer however I am sure that there were people around, families around, women around at that time who were empowered by his messages who were moved to become a part of the movement that he had because of what he said, also touched their hearts.”

Hipolito: “How long did it take you to create the script and finalize the production with the actors and making sure everything was fine tuned?”

Play writer, Joseph Stamp Romero

“I would want to say that this production process has been a two year process just because I had done a script before and I changed it. I wanted to dig deeper, did some more research and so I would say this is a two year process and just because I thought that the story has to be told, I want it to be told the right way.  But it is a comedy, it is a drama. It is not boring history. I assure you it is something that the family will enjoy.”

Soberanis is being played by Celestino Tzul and he will be appearing on stage with at least seventeen other local actors. The play will premiere on Thursday, September 7 starting at 7:30p.m and will continue on Friday. Tickets are available for twenty dollars reserved and fifteen dollars for general seats. Romero says teachers and students can get in for ten dollars.