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Light & Peace Foundation holds out hope to play semi-pro basketball

Over the past ten years, Light and Peace Foundation has been helping to mold and develop youths by keeping them positively engaged in basketball.  They are now ready to take their game to the next level by having these youths play semi-pro basketball by joining the National Elite Basketball League.  Love news spoke with Troy Gabb Jr. who told us that they have been receiving some resistance from the league.

Troy Gabb Jr.:Every Saturday they come out and they have these kids from the ages of 3 to 18 years old. They have been training them on basketball fundamentals, having them learn to play the game. They still learning to shoot the ball, dribble the ball just to develop as to become a great talent of Belize. The Light and Peace Basketball Foundation have decided that they want to take their young talent to the NEBL. Rass Coresa and Rupert Brown and Darwin Leslie in 2016 and 2017 have been fighting this process tirelessly to get the team accepted into the NEBL. September 15th 2018 they got a letter from the League stating that they won’t be able to play in this League.”

Love News also spoke with two of the players who are eager to play semi-pro basketball.

Players 1: “We want to be a part of the 2019 season and all of us have great talent. Each of us want to showcase our skills and we never got that opportunity to pursue it. I like the family foundation that Light and Peace bring about.”

Player 2:Most of them are veterans and also Troy he is a friend of mine so and also I know most of the people around Light and Peace.”

The National Elite Basketball competition is scheduled to begin in January 2019.