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Lighting Up Downtown Belize City for Christmas

The Belize City Council is preparing for its annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony scheduled to take place on Friday, December 2. City Councillor Hyacinth Latchman-Cuellar spoke of tomorrow’s event.


“Tomorrow we have the annual tree lighting ceremony this is sponsored by Coca Cola and the Belize City Council. It will be very special tomorrow. It will have the Pantempters Steel Band, we will also have Marilyn Vanson. This starts at 5:30pm the official tree lighting will be done at 6:15pm. We have members of our Child Advisory Body they will be issuing cupcakes to the children out there as well so it’s really a grand event. To add to this this year we have lighted Christmas Banners. It’s about 14 feet long, you will see five of them in Downtown Belize City so this will add to the decoration and to put people in the Christmas Season.”

According to Councillor Cuellar, the City Councillors are partnering with their spouses in making this Christmas season a bit merrier for others.


“There is the 16 days that we are taking to do various events during the city all councilors, our spouses we are getting together we are doing different ventures that is from December 1 until the 16th so we each have something to do along with our spouse giving back to residents of the city.”


“Give me examples of that.”


“Myself and my spouse we are giving hampers to four families, these include groceries, turkey, ham, their lemonade, their Christmas cake so each person decided to do something different. I know counselor Theus, his wife and him are doing something very similar as well.”

As for the calendar of events for the remainder of December, Councillor Cuellar says it is being fine-tuned.


“In Belize City we are still going through some logistics as I speak however we will have church services that each counselor will be attending at different churches throughout the country so we are still working on those logistics I will be going to the Belama Methodist we have other councilors going to other churches throughout the city so there are lot of things that we are doing, we are keeping active. This year like I said we’ve incorporated the spouses in our plans not just us because a lot of the time they are in the background helping but people don’t actually see who they are and what they are doing.”

The Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony begins at six thirty tomorrow evening at the Mule Park, downtown Belize City.