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Lincoln Navigator was reported stolen minutes after crash

Police say they have spoken with the owner of the white Lincoln Navigator that was confiscated at the Santa Elena Border after police found drugs in it. As we reported before, on December 12th the still unidentified driver of a white Navigator sped back across the border into Belize to escape Mexican customs. Reports are that the driver made a run for it after Mexican authorities at the border area were about to conduct an inspection of his vehicle. He drove back into Belize but Mexican authorities set chase. In his rush, the driver eventually crashed into the gate of the cargo section at the Belize border. The driver reportedly fled on foot into nearby bushes. Belize police say that during a search of the vehicle they found five kilos of cocaine in a hidden. Police are saying now that the owner, Bruce Faber reported the vehicle stolen. ACP Joseph Myvett spoke with the media.


ACP Joseph Myvett

“He has been questioned in regards to his vehicle. An official report was made the same day in question when the vehicle was intercepted but it was not made by him it was made by the owner of the place where his car was sent to be washed. However, Mr. Faber has since been interviewed in regards to this investigation.”

Of note is that the vehicle was reported stolen minutes after the elusive driver crashed it into the gate of the cargo section at the Santa Elena Border.