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Lindon Baldwin killed near home

The corner of Ebony Street and Youth for the Future Drive is a prominent piece of real estate as it sits across from the Guardian Newspaper office and also adjacent to a well illuminated gas station. But none of that had any impact on Monday night’s violence as a resident of Ebony Street was killed under a home at that intersection. Love News spoke to the sister, Emma, and a friend of Lindon Baldwin, who discovered his body when he woke up and followed a trail of blood that led to Baldwin’s body, under his house.

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “Last night 23-year-old Lindon Baldwin didn’t return to his home on Ebony Street in Belize City. His sister Emma was not concerned as Baldwin would sleep at his girlfriend’s home.”

Emma Baldwin – Sister: “I was telling my other brother that Lindon did not come home. His bed was properly spread and it wasn’t ramped or anything so I know, he didn’t come home. We figured something was wrong but we figured that he was by some UDP building here. We thought it was there that he was sleeping over because he sleeps at his girl sometimes too so we didn’t expect that to happen so we can’t say anything.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “But in the corner of the shadows at Ebony Street Baldwin was caught in a melee of gunfire. His mutilated body was found behind his friend’s home.”

Friend: “ Last night at around 11:30, I am not quite certain, we heard about five to six shots so I heard the police truck and I peeped out through the window and I saw them doing their routine. I didn’t see them find anything so I went back to bed, didn’t pay any mind of it. This morning I woke up and I was going to buy at the store so my sister hailed me because she saw that I was going to buy at the same time and if I could buy for her? I said no problem. I was going to the store, I noticed a trail of blood downstairs, I was just watching the trail and I noticed a person was in the back of my yard, when I went to the back I noticed it was my friend.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter:  “It must have been a big shock to you?”

Friend: “Yes it was a big shock, I didn’t expect that to be him. I know a lot of things happen around the neighborhood but I didn’t expect that to be that young man. He wasn’t a troublesome young man, I did not know him to be the type or go that way there you know, cool. Every month we would go and work because he would help me work, there was never a day I had a problem with him or anything like that.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “Baldwin would have celebrated his 24th birthday on the 27th of May.”

Emma Baldwin – Sister: “We ran up the street here and when we reached we couldn’t enter the yard, we saw our brother’s hands held up like this. His hands were scraped up, behind his hands were scraped up and blood was coming from his neck and his head. I don’t know after that they just told me he got shot but we didn’t hear any shots last night so we cannot say anything, we don’t know who would kill him. His two hands are scraped, behind his hands are scraped. He got shot in his neck, that is a real death that.  I just had the death of my father and now I have to go through a next death again, now my little brother.

Rene Trujillo – Reporter: “His four fingers were completely gone?”

Emma Baldwin – Sister: “Yes came like scrape off, I don’t know who or what to say because his two hands looked bad, especially back of his hand here, scraped up, all of here.”

Rene Trujillo – Reporter: “So you feel like they dragged him along the pavement and they took him into the yard?”

Emma Baldwin – Sister: “They had to drag him and his slippers were on his feet still. If he could have run he would have ran left his slippers. They shot him outside and they dragged him in there, his hands are scraped off and his two hands are dug up, his ten fingers, all of them.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “Everyone says that he did not give any trouble.”

Friend: “Around me, he did not give any trouble, you know he was a working young man. He did his thing and he never had a full-time job but he did his thing. He never came across as someone who gave trouble and never had an incident with him as yet before. He did not look like that type of person, don’t know it is funny.”

Emma Baldwin – Sister: “I know he is a good person, he doesn’t cause problem in the yard and everyday he gets up and bathe and says he is going to work in the same big truck here, says he is going to work so I say well go, brother, I will see you in the evening when you come home. I don’t know what happened this morning.”

Reporter: “What kind of work does he do?

Emma Baldwin – Sister: “I think he delivers barrels that come from states, the same man here so.”

Friend: “For the past couple months and change now we have been hearing a lot of little shootings happening around the neighborhood and a lot of little misunderstandings and I don’t know, I do my thing from work to home.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “Would you like to see the police do a little bit more patrols, what do you feel that is needed right now?”

Friend: “Well I can’t deny it, officers do patrols around here a lot, I cannot deny that they do patrol. Maybe it would be good if they put a little booth or something.”

Jose Sanchez for Love News.

While the family believes that Baldwin sought refuge under the house where he was found, police issued a report saying that Baldwin was with two male persons under the house when one of them fired a shot at him, causing the injuries.  His body was found behind the building which makes his sister believe that the body was dragged there.  Scenes of Crime personnel removed the body from the scene just after eight o’clock this morning.  Baldwin, by multiple accounts, was not a trouble maker and had only just gone looking for a job at the UNO Service Station at Bel-China bridge yesterday.  Police has reportedly detained a family member who may have information regarding this latest homicide.