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Lino’s Death Continues to Be Investigated

The police are investigating the death of 45 year old Baltazar Lino and so is the Forest Department. That’s because Lino might have been attacked by a Jaguar. Lino left his home in Progresso Village on Easter Sunday to his farm some miles away from the village. He turned up dead inside a shallow well. He was found by his brothers who went to search for him after his dogs returned home without him. The post mortem revealed that he died as a result of neuro vascular trauma to the neck. Because the area is known to be visited by jaguars, villagers believe that one may have attacked Lino causing the fatal injuries. The Forest Department is taking the report seriously and today we spoke to Jaguar officer, Shanelly Carrillo. Carillo told Love News that their investigation is not yet completed and as such cannot definitely say if Lino was indeed attacked by a jaguar. Forest officers have visited the site where Lino was found dead and evidence from the scene has been collected. Carrillo assured Love News that when the investigation is concluded, the media would be informed if it was a jaguar that attacked Lino.