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Lionel Gillett Was Murdered at Home

Belmopan Police continue their investigation into the murder of 45-year-old taxi driver, Lionel Theodore Gillett. Gillett’s body was found in West Belmopan sometime after one o’clock yesterday afternoon. The body was in an initial state of decomposition and had an apparent gunshot wound to the abdomen, another behind the left side of the back and to the left side of the head. Gillett reportedly left his mother’s house on Tuesday night sometime around nine o’clock and was to return yesterday morning however he did not. The family got concerned after he did not respond to a number of phone calls. Just before one thirty yesterday afternoon, family members showed up at his home in West Belmopan. That was when they came across his lifeless body. Police and Scenes of crime personnel found three nine millimeter GFL luger brand expended shells on the scene. Due to the state of decomposition of the body, an onsite post mortem examination was conducted.