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Liquor License Board to review businesses on the Entertainment Strip

In addition to being President of the JP Association, Danny Madrid also wears another cap as the Chairman of the Belize District Liquor Licensing Board. A new board has recently been formed and Madrid says that they are evaluating businesses along the entertainment strip, including Pier 1, the bar located at the BTL Park which has been the location of various crimes including fights, stabbing and a murder.

Danny Madrid Chairman , Belize District Liquor License Board: “It is the Board who makes the decisions and we are depending on the Police to get a Police report. We are depending on the Fire Department to give us a report and we also depend on the Public Health Service to give us a report and based on that then the Board can make a decision but I know that it has been a concern of the public for a long time because I know that people have spoken about it to myself but we have to be fair to everybody. Everybody has the right to apply and the responsibility to say yes or to say no but we are looking at it yes.

Jose Sanchez: “Do you know how soon we should have a response to the complaint about Pier One?”

Danny Madrid Chairman , Belize District Liquor License Board: “Well at the meeting next week Tuesday and Wednesday we will be looking at it and after that meeting I will be able to tell you if it will be another week or another two weeks because we have to be careful in the way we do things especially if we neglect your license and then we have to remember that the Board can be taken to Court so we have to look at that and get legal advice first and then looking at all the things that we need to look at and then from there we can make a decision. We are not here to close down any locations if they are doing the proper thing. We want to work hand in hand with the public because we are now again public servants and we have to do our job in the best possible way we can and we know that there are places out there that need to be looked at and we will be doing that. Unfortunately we have to go with what we have next week but even if you get your license that doesn’t mean that it cannot be revoked so we’ll go ahead and give licenses. They have looked at some of that already and as a matter of fact at some locations are more or less pre-approved because the reason we do that is we don’t want to have 600 people in a room waiting for them to get one license.

Other members of the Liquor Licensing Board include Senator Valerie Woods, Vaughn Gill, David Henderson, Salvador Awe and the Mayor is the ex officio member.