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Lisa Shoman: 1st Belizean Appointment to the IDB Admin Tribunal

Attorney Lisa Shoman’s appointment as a judge on the Inter-American Development Bank’s Administrative Tribunal was confirmed today.  Shoman’s appointment takes effect on July 1, 2017 for a period of six years.  She is the first Belizean to be appointed as one of the seven judges on the tribunal.  The IDB Administrative Tribunal is tasked to hear complaints from staff members of the Bank or the Corporation who are of the belief that his or her contract terms of employment are not being adhered to and their appeals within the organization have been exhausted.  The tribunal would then examine evidence, conduct hearings and subsequently issue judgement on the matter.  The tribunal meets in Washington DC, USA four to six times per year.  Shoman had applied for the position and was short listed and subsequently selected for the position.  The 52-year-old attorney, has held several high ranking positions for Belize including the first woman Ambassador of Belize to the United States back in August 2000.  Shoman posted on her social media page, quote, “My appointment proves to me – and hopefully to others and especially young Belizeans, that we from the Jewel have what it takes. It just takes perseverance, tenacity, determination and work.  I have always wanted to spread my wings beyond our imminent horizons of the Jewel, and this gives me the chance. After twice being shortlisted for Executive Secretary of the OAS’s IACHR, and coming so close the last time, I was quite tempted to pack in my effort, and I’m so glad that I am a driven individual, and I tried again.”  End of quote.  Shoman will be signing her contract by the end of June with the IDB.