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Literacy initiative in Punta Gorda

Similar activities took place in other districts to mark the day. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports on activities in the Toledo District.

Dr. Carmen Lopez Avila: “The whole purpose of celebrating Literacy day is to bring literacy alive to our students. We believe from the Ministry of Education that if our students start to read at Std. 1 the BJAT and PSE exams will be easier for them. We have five school participating this morning: Laguna, San Felipe, Big Falls, Forest Home and San Marcos.This afternoon we have St Peter Claver, PG Methodist, St Benedict and Bethel SDA. Every student participating today will end up with a book and the reason for  that is for us to ensure that reading takes place in and around the classroom.
Paul Mahung : And you are the people of the classroom doing the reading of today.”

Dr. Carmen Lopez Avila: “The reading of the stories are the teachers and we have the Mayor Ashton Mackenzie reading for the students and they rotated.”

Paul Mahung:  “Do the children get a turn to read?”

Dr. Carmen Lopez Avila: “No Sir it’s basically the adults reading for them.”

Paul Mahung: “What has the reaction among the students have been about that?”

Dr. Carmen Lopez Avila: “The students are excited. You can see that they love reading and they are very participatory in terms of answering questions that has to do with the story that is read to them.”

Dr. Carmen Lopez Avila: “You mention that each student who participate in this program will be getting a book. What sort of book is that?”

Dr. Carmen Lopez Avila: “The reading level books.”

Paul Mahung: “The activities are coordinated by the staff of the Toledo District Education Center with participation of 357 primary school lower division students. Reporting for Love News Paul Mahung Punta Gorda.”