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Living Hope giving children a second chance

Living Hope Preparatory School has been giving children a second chance to reach their goals and make a difference in life. The school caters for at risk youths who have failed the PSE by giving them another opportunity to re-sit it. Terri Westby, the principal of Living Hope Preparatory School, said they have twenty scholarships available for the upcoming school year.

Terri Westby – Principal, Living Hope Preparatory School: Basically our school fees are $375 when you come into the school but that covers everything meaning text books,  printing and different things like that. That is all covered but this year we’ve gotten some donations and so we are offering 20 scholarships to 20 students. The scholarship eligibility basically you have to be a family that is in need of the scholarship and then we have an application form that you can fill out for the scholarship when you apply for the school and then we look over you application form and then the manager and myself will sit down and decide who will most benefit from the scholarships that we are offering.

Registration will be on July 17 and July 18 from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. as well as the following week.  In preparation to sit the PSE, students will take mathematics, science, social studies and language arts. Westby said that the language arts is taught as four subjects: grammar, reading, spelling and vocabulary and writing. The school also caters for youths who do not desire to go to high school by offering skills that will help them to be employable.