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Lobster Bust on Cray Fish Caye

Last week we told you of the lobster season being closed and the Fisheries Department did issue a notice to the fishers,stressing the importance of being compliant with the regulations.  Despite that warning, a group of threefishermen were busted today by the Belize Coast Guard just after nine o’clock on Cray Fish Caye.  Gregory Soberanis of the Belize Coast Guard shared the details with us.

The four men taken to court this afternoon after the Belize Coast Guard handed them over to the Fisheries Department.  The men are George Marin, Angel Tun, Raymond Petzold and Wayne Stevens.  The  men were aboard a fiberglass skiff registered to Errol Waight.  As it relates to the men’s licenses, only one man had his receipt for a fisher’s license.