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Local Cops Get Training From FBI on Intelligence Analysis

There was a closing ceremony for Basic Intelligence Analysis Training at the Biltmore Plaza for a group of policemen and women of the Belize Police Department. The week long training was provided by the United States Embassy, with training from the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the United States. Derrick Stivers, an Intelligence Analysis of the FBI spoke on the types of training that the police officers were engaged in.


“We’ve covered a wide range of topics this week. Intelligence analysis is all about trying to predict what threat might be coming next so we try to take a look at historical data and what is currently going on and try to predict the next threat so that we can prevent it from happening in the first place. One of the key parts of being an intelligence analyst is to think critically. Like you said, thinking like a criminal would to try to anticipate what they do is key but as people we tend to rely a lot on our assumptions and so we want to make sure that we are supporting our assumptions and keeping a structured process for coming to our conclusions. We were very impressed with the level of knowledge and skill of the officers that came to the class had already. They were already producing good reports, forecasting data and looking at trends that have been going on.”

FBI Training 2Participant, Corporal Jermaine Hyde, spoke to the media and he expressed what he learnt from the training as well that the training made him more confident in doing his work.


“The course was a one week course; it taught us a lot of structural analysis like she mentioned but what I will take away from this course is the fact that it taught us that what we were doing is right,.   we were on track  but what we were doing was merely assumption without supporting what we were producing to our commanders to put forward to the public. Now we will be confident in what we are putting forward because we will support that data with strategic analysis and structural analysis so the public can be assured that this course will benefit them.”

Robert Gibson, the International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Coordinator, and representative for CARSI today, told us about the response of the participants and says that the officers were very motivated.


“Their reaction is really very good. They seem to be very responsive to the FBI instructors that we have here and they were telling us that basically it’s not like they weren’t doing any of this; they were already doing some of it but they didn’t appreciate what they were doing and they didn’t formalize the process. So they are formalizing the process doing it as a organized process and are just being much more effective by putting it in this context.”