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Local Pilot Aborts Flight to San Pedro

Yesterday evening, seven passengers of Maya Island Air flight 222, experienced a scary takeoff. The plane was departing from Belize City on its way to San Pedro when the Chief Pilot, Ali Urbina started to experience some technical difficulties in the air. This evening, Maya Island Air sent a release explaining the matter stating “Seconds after takeoff he observed a power performance anomaly and decided to abort his flight. He maneuvered his aircraft for a right downwind approach to runway three zero. He landed safely and without incident. His return time was logged as 17:48. His seven passengers were boarded a few minutes after onto another Maya aircraft that landed in San Pedro at 18:25. The incident is being cooperatively examined by the Belize Department of Civil Aviation together with the technical department of Maya Island Air.” End of Quote. The airline thanks the civil aviation and technical teams for their cooperation.