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Local Reporter Joins the UDP Political Arena

The United Democratic Party has selected its Belize City slate of eleven for the upcoming municipal elections. The selection of its mayoral candidate and ten councilor candidates was done virtually over the weekend. As is traditional in Belize City, each councilor candidate represents one of the political divisions. The UDP’s executive committee for each division was tasked in vetting its candidates after reviewing the candidates’ biography presented via a short video. The committees’ results resulted in Orson Picart as the mayoral candidate. According to Picart he has a vision to rejuvenate the party and help in the healing process of the UDP’s tarnished past.

Orson Picart, Mayoral Aspirant: “My entrance into politics has been in the making for the past twenty something years ever since I graduated sixth form from SJC I wanted to enter the political arena but I knew that at the time the odds weren’t with me and so I would have to kind of work my way up in terms of learning more about politics, the inner dynamics of political parties and additionally which one of the two major political parties I would want to run under. And so of recently I had a conversation with my wife and my immediate family and my advisors and we decided that since the United Democratic Party seems to be in a restructuring, rebuilding kind of mode having just lost the general elections in November that this would be the opportune time to put my candidacy out there and offer the people of Belize City and the country by extension a new fresh face to politics in Belize who aspires for greatness. Also what we bring and particularly me as an individual is that I come with no baggage and the people of Belize City has watched me grow and progress over the years, people from Belize City know me and so I want them to know that apart from my political alignment the vocation is bigger, the calling is bigger, it’s all about service to the people and we can only sell that narrative because that’s the narrative that really matters. And so while it is that our party was soundly defeated in the general elections I think the people have spoken and say hear what is happening. We need new people in politics, we need people with integrity, that come with good character and people who would do good by the citizens of this country and this city.”

Picart will be leading a slate of ten councilor candidates namely Kera Bowman, Andrew Bradley, Alisha Craig, Dr. Alain Gonzalez, Leon Guild, Allan Kelly, Kenneth Morgan, Anazette Olivera, Meagan Tasher and Shane Williams.