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Local Verdes footballers in quarantine after testing positive

Earlier this week we reported that 10 members of the Verdes Football Club tested positive for COVID-19. The team was in Santo Domingo for a football match when they were tested. In a release the management announced quote “the Management of Verdes FC has decided to act in the most responsible manner required at this time and has determined that it is in the best interest of our players and staff to seriously contemplate withdrawal from the Scotiabank Concacaf League Tournament and have our players and staff return home to Belize immediately.” This decision was taken in spite of CONCACAF’s proposal to the Verdes FC to postpone rather than forfeit the game that was scheduled for October 20, 2020. The rest of the team that possess a negative PCR test will return to Belize tomorrow. As a precautionary measure they will be quarantined at the Football Federation of Belize headquarters in Belmopan. We spoke with the President of the FFB President, Sergio Chuc about the protocols set in place to prevent staff being infected.

Sergio Chuc, President, Football Federation of Belize: “The management, the owners of Verdes requested assistance from the Federation in helping them to quarantine these team members that are coming back and we are gladly assisting. We have a new building dorm that we just completed and new beds, new facilities everything so we are going to make it available for the delegation that is coming back. As you are aware Belizeans coming back do not need to- the government is not quarantining them. These players are coming back with a negative PCR test however in an abundance of caution we are fully cognizant of the fact that one third of the delegation got infected there may be one or two in that bunch that is coming back that got a false negative and so in an abundance of caution we are cooperating with the Verdes Football Club and having them use the new dorm, making use of the new dorm they could stay there I’d say for at least five days and then they could redo another test and hopefully all twenty of them coming back could show negative and if they’re not negative then the quarantine will continue with the ones that are positive if they have any positives.”

Currently, two of the infected players remain in quarantine for fourteen days in Panama in accordance with the directives of the Panama Health Authority and the other four infected players and four coaching staff remain in quarantine in the Dominican Republic.