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LOO Calls GOB’s Budget a Lie to the Belizean People

The debate of the budget for the upcoming fiscal year began just before ten o’clock this morning with the Leader of the Opposition, Moses Shyne Barrow starting the discussion. Barrow’s one-hour presentation highlighted several areas of expenditures that are of concern and had essentially referred to the budget as a lie to the Belizean people.
Moses “Shyne” Barrow, Leader of the Opposition: “This $1.3 billion budget of wastage does not reflect the new horizon of equal access for the Belizean dream, Madam Speaker. Rather, this budget reflects the continued night of dark nightmare of cronyism, waste and neglect for the masses who are still suffering from the lasting impact of COVID-19 pandemic and are now reeling from the illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine which has sent prices soaring and has caused inflation. You know, Madam Speaker, the Prime Minister and his Government come into this House and you know the Minister from Caribbean Shores had a term called “barrogance.” Barrogance? Is that how you say it? And what I have noticed about this Government, nothing that they have done is an original. Everything that they are doing are all policies from the Barrow administration that they have painted with a blue PUP Plan Belize brush. This budget is based on the fact, Madam Speaker, the facts as reported by the Prime Minister and some of his ministers, that the economy is in great shape. Everything is pretty in Briceñoland, Madam Speaker. So where are those changes that you promised when you were in opposition? Where are the increases? We see increases in the Office of the Prime Minister, Madam Speaker. Strategic Management and Administration has gone from $3 million to $13 million, Madam Speaker. How is that benefitting the Belizean people? How is it benefitting the Belizean people Madam Speaker? And that is why I call this budget a bogus budget.”