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LOO Condemns GOB’s Thirty Member Delegation for COP26

Another issue that the Leader of the Opposition, Patrick Faber cited was the 30-member government delegation that traveled to the COP-26 summit in Glasgow, Scotland.

 Hon. Patrick Faber, Leader of the Opposition: “He had to make a show and took a delegation of thirty, over thirty and I don’t want to be mashing any of your corns in the media I know some of you enjoyed the trip. Nobody here but your media houses certainly. But maybe I don’t excuse any of you because if the invitation was offered you would have gone. But all of your media houses I believe receive invitations or at least the major ones. Why is it that we need to take six ministers to COP26? That’s corruption. That’s corruption when it is you have people dying by the dozes a day in your hospital when in fact their lives can be saved and don’t tell me about the trip was sponsored. I don’t criticize the Prime Minister himself going to COP26, please, because to me that was very important for our country’s leader to appear there along with other world leaders to signal how important climate change is.”

This issue was also cited by the opposition in the latter part of October and our newsroom had done its due diligence to find out who was fitting the bill for the delegation to Scotland. Speaking on the issue was the CEO in the Ministry of Economic Development, Dr Osmond Martinez.

Dr.Osmond Martinez, CEO, Ministry of Economic Development: “There is one point that I would love to be clear to and that is yes Belize has a big delegation going to COP26 but all expenses are being paid by IFIs and the international donors so all this travel expenses are not coming out from the Government of Belize which it is important for the general public to understand it’s not the that the administration has money to spend because it’s very expensive to go to COP26 but the IFIs have been gracious and they are supporting Belize and they understand that the presence of Belize in COP26 is very important.”