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LOO Congratulates the Briceno Administration on Execution of Investment Summit

Among the hundreds of participants, potential investors and invited guests was the Leader of the Opposition, Patrick Faber. Faber congratulated the Briceno Administration on the execution of the summit with an offer to help in building the country’s economy.

Hon. Patrick Faber, Leader of the Opposition: “You are correct in referring to us as the harshest critic of the government. By the nature of our position that has to be the case but as I’ve always maintained that when it is we need to unite for Belize we will be a part of that and in so far as things have been happening with this summit my presence here indicates I hope that we are a team player, we are a partner in helping to get things rebound for Belize’s economy and you know clearly an event like this is a very costly one and there are those criticism that will come I am sure but we believe that if this kind of investment will yield the kind of productivity, the kind of investment that the government is willing or hoping to achieve here then it might be all worth it and that all has to do of course with how things are handled and we are here signifying our support but as everybody knows we are ever watchful to make sure that things go the way it is supposed to go and not vice versa. So I congratulate the prime minister and his team for a good opening ceremony and I wish the summit all the success because Belize absolutely needs it and as I’ve gone on record we in the opposition are hoping to be a part of things that are good for Belize and so we lend our support to this summit.”

The Opposition Leader went on to tell the media that there are other moves that he feels need to be made including the ease of doing business in Belize.

Hon. Patrick Faber, Leader of the Opposition: “It’s a number of things that we would want to see happen and we’ve not been secretive about these things but certainly one thing that jumps out is the ease of doing business and the efforts of the government to try to ensure that that happens given that we now have some ease, tremendous ease based on some of the initiatives that none can deny none were started by the UDP. We understand that the government has to make its agenda but of course we see now where even the international entities including the TNC speaks about the length of time that some of these things have been in the pipeline and are now coming to fruition which acquits the UDP and proves the point that these initiatives were started by the UDP. But that kind of breathing room gives us an opportunity in terms of our economy to move in a lot of different ways and in order to sustain the kind of direction that those opportunities are pushing us in the infrastructure has to be there and making sure that we have a smooth path to those investors who want to come and do business in Belize is crucial to all of that so that is one area that I absolutely am looking forward to supporting. I also think that there is a lot invested in our tourism industry and so whatever can be done with the opposition’s help if necessary to ensure that the tourism industry bounces back that will be something of interest for us. But we don’t want to put all our eggs in the same basket and so we do hear those loud and clear who say let us try to diversify Belize’s economy as well and so our offshore sector is very crucial and I know there are changes, significant changes being made to regulations there having sit in the House and seen so many progressive pieces of legislation which we support in the House come forward. So it’s an exciting time I think. It is a time that I think we can take the lead as Belize and it will not be said that Belize is being hampered from taking a leadership role in that recovery because of the negative efforts of the opposition. We want to ensure that we’re there as a positive support but also as a very watchful eye on what is going on.”