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LOO Says a Referendum Does Not Mean a Law Will be Passed

The Leader of the Opposition, Moses “Shyne” Barrow weighed in on the discussion and said that although the churches have garnered a substantial amount of signatures, a referendum does not mean that the law will not be passed.

Hon. Moses “Shyne” Barrow, Leader of the Opposition: “So this is the direction of the world is going in and there can be no example not in Mexico, not in Canada  where marijuana legalization has turned into this abomination and a cesspool of destruction and disaster as being painted by some so I don’t subscribe to that train of thought but as a party the position is you decide what you want to do as an individual because there are people that have the personal views maybe due to religion or whatsoever and so I don’t want to infringe on anyone’s religious beliefs although you have Rastafarians who for religious purposes consume marijuana so it goes both ways but I believe the issue is important enough that people should decide so that’s why I had no difficulty if it is at a referendum I should happen. I would like to point out that a referendum is not binding so the 20,000 signatures that they got they have a referendum, let’s say people vote in favor of the churches call that no they don’t want legalization their Cabinet and the government of beliefs can still proceed with the legalization of marijuana because the referendum is not binding.”