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LOO Says Mace Bearer Will Go Unpunished

When asked about the chaos that erupted during the May 17 Senate Hearing and the behavior of Mace Bearer Brian “yellowman” Audinett, Prime Minister Dean Barrow said that Audinett will go before the House Staff Committee for him to explain himself. It is that committee that would decide if Audinett would remain the sergeant of arms of the House of Representatives. However, Opposition Leader, believes that the ruling UDP Government will not discipline Yellowman for his actions.


“Well I should say that I am not surprised that the Prime Minister is sticking out for Yellowman but whilst I am not surprised I think it is a very sad day for Belize, for Belizeans and for its democracy. The house does not belong to the United Democratic Party and whilst Yellowman has been a loyal UDP supporter as the Mace Bearer he is not there as a loyal UDP supporter he is the person that is supposed to be keeping order in the house and now he has been one of the worst offenders of that in the National Assembly and I believe that Yellowman should be fired and I am not surprised of what they have said. The Deputy Prime Minister has said that he does not see it as something that is so egregious that Yellowman has to be fired, the Prime Minister is saying the same so I expect nothing different from that committee that is going to be meeting next week that they are going to meet and keep Yellowman as the Mace Bearer. It is a sad day for Belize and it is a shame that the Prime Minister has decided that he is going to put the political interest of the party above the interest of this country and the Belizean people.”

The People’s United Party had sent a letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Laura Tucker Longsworth demanding that Audinett Be fired. Briceno says the PUP has yet to receive a response.


“Mrs. Laura Longsworth is somebody that I had a high regard and she started off on a high note stating that she wants to see something different in the house and said she would have been clear, that she was going to be doing the right thing and forget partisan politics and would not tolerate any side be it the government or the opposition to behave in a way that discredits the work of the National Assembly. Now for her to have to keep Yellowman as her Mace Bearer I think speaks volumes and I think the Belizean people are going to be very disappointed in her because people look up to her as somebody of integrity and respect and I think that she needs to think about that and to insist that the Mace Bearer be fired because it is her Mace Bearer and she is the one that should decide who will be her Mace Bearer and should she decide that she is going to keep the Mace Bearer then I think it is going to show that she is probably just another UDP Speaker of the House.”

We note that Audinett has apologized for his behavior towards the media personnel he threatened.