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LOO Says Saldivar Is in Quite a Pickle

As we reported yesterday, Minister of Defence, John Saldivar is suspended from Cabinet. We cannot say if his suspension is with or without pay but it will be for one week. The decision to suspend Minister Saldivar was made by Prime Minister Dean Barrow after documents surfaced regarding a business relationship with the infamous Danny Mason, the man accused of masterminding the execution of Pastor Llewelyn Lucas. During Saldivar’s one week suspension, an investigation is expected to be conducted to determine the extent of Saldivar’s relationship with Mason. PUP Leader John Briceno was asked to comment on the matter.


“Well I think that John Saldivar is in quite a pickle and why do I say that? Well because the Prime Minister has said that if evidence were to ever surface that John Saldivar is in business with Mr.Mason that he would fire John Saldivar from the Cabinet. Now a document has surfaced showing company documents showing that Mr. Saldivar was in business with Mr.Mason, that Mr.Mason owned 30% of the Bandits Football team. Mr. Saldivar quickly took out a release and probably he was not properly advised because in that release now he is saying that yes he did have that thing with the man and that he yes gave him $50,000 he said but he set up another company so he moved the football team from one company to the other company. Now if that was the case any businessman that is worth his salt will tell you that that is illegal, that is fraud so it is one of two things, either Mr. Saldivar was in business with Mr.Mason or he committed fraud. I don’t know he needs to answer that and we need to hold the Prime Minister to his word that if evidence were to come out that John Saldivar was a business partner with Mr.Mason that he would be fired. Now I don’t want to hear about any suspension for one week, first of all I don’t think there is any such thing as suspension for a Minister, you are either a minister or you are fired and you are not a minister like what happened with Mr.Vega. So will they cut his salary for one week, will he have to park his vehicle and his driver and all of those things during the suspension I don’t think so. We want nothing short of firing John Saldivar because the Prime Minister promised this country that if the evidence were to come to light that John Saldivar was in business with Mr.Mason that he would fire him so there is nothing less than firing John Saldivar from the cabinet.”

Saldivar, via his personal facebook account, has stated that quote, “For those who may be wondering, I have humbly accepted the Prime Minister’s decision. I look forward to my name being cleared once and for all. Still, I rise.” End of quote.