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Looking Back at Violence over Easter Holidays Past

Easter 2017 went fairly quiet when it came to crime and violence around the country.  For the four day weekend holiday, there was only one murder which occurred in the early hours of Good Friday, claiming the life of 35-year-old, Indira Thompson.  Crime has always been a hot button issue particularly when discussed by politicians.  It is almost like the party in opposition thrives on the increase in crime and violence to gain some semblance of political mileage and attributing the statistics to the under-performance of the current administration.  The truth of the matter is that crime happens, some can be prevented while some cannot.  Today we looked at some past statistics of deaths and violence that occurred over the Easter holidays.  We looked at the period, 2005 to 2008 which was under the Musa administration and we also looked at the period, 2015 to 2017 which is under the Barrow administration.  In 2005, the Easter weekend was from March 25 to 28.  That weekend saw four murders, one case of rape, one case of arson and two persons drowning.  In the following year, 2006, there were three murders, a case of a man raping another man and a fatal road traffic incident that claimed the lives of a 4-year-old boy and a 27-year-old woman.  2007 Easter weekend saw three murders, one stabbing incident while two persons drowned.  Over the Easter weekends in that three year period there were a total of ten murders among the other incidents.  Fast forward ten years later to 2015 and the Easter weekend saw no murders.  There was a shooting incident on the grounds of the Belize Coast Guard, two separate road traffic incidents that proved fatal and two separate drowning incidents.  The long holiday in 2016, however, had reports of two murders, two stabbing incidents and the shooting of a BDF officer in the Caracol area.  For this current year, there was only one murder and no gun violence to report.  Hence when looked at, the period 2015 to 2017 Easter weekends saw three murders.  The unusual criminal or violent activity can perhaps be attributed to the peace march held last week with an estimated twenty gangs in Belize City.  It can also be said that perhaps the increased patrols by police are also a factor to consider.  Whatever the reason is, there is a sigh of relief around the country for the ease and absence of gun violence this Easter weekend brought.