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Lord Laro in Belize to celebrate Belize’s 36 anniversary of Independence

Calypsonian Lord Laro is no stranger to Belize and is back again just ahead of Belize’s 36th anniversary. Laro is in Belize at the invitation of the San Ignacio & Santa Elena Town Council. Mayor Earl Trapp spoke with Love News.

Mayor Earl Trapp

“Basically the idea of bringing Mr. Laro to Belize was basically because of the song he brought out when we had just obtained Independence, Tell Guatemala Leave Belize Alone, and basically this time that we are going through, this territorial dispute with Guatemala, we want to send a strong message to them that Belize is for Belize. We will always fight it and basically at the same time it’s a way of saying thank you to the people of San Ignacio and Santa Elena and the country by extension. You know that we giving them a treat. We bringing Lord Laro and some other artists and it’s not to make a profit, it’s just a way to say Thank You and to do something different and big for our community on the twentieth of September to bring in our Independence. He will be performing at the Sacred Heart Auditorium in San Ignacio. He will be performing alongside with Lord Rhaburn from Belize, Oscar B, and another Belizean artist by the name of Curl Miller.”

We also spoke with Lord Laro shortly after his arrival who was excited to be in Belize once again.

Lord Laro – Calypsonian

“What I keep coming back for and what I love about it is the family atmosphere. The people make me feel as part of the family and I feel as part of the family. I feel as a Belizean. I feel I am a Belizean so that is why I keep coming back. I come back home when I come back here. I come back home.”


“So you are all excited and hyped up for the 20th night?”

Lord Laro

“Yes. Yes. I am hyped up. I just want to see the people just jumping like the first Independence.”

Lord Laro’s song “Tell Guatemala to leave Belize alone” has become like an anthem for most Belizeans; however, he also has a new song that he sings about Belize.


Lord Laro – Calypsonian

“I have a new song. This one goes like this. Seferino. You remember Seferino? And you remember George Price?”

Lord Laro singing: Seferino was in the band, George Price was waving his hand, Rhaburn and Lord Laro on the truck. The place ketch a fire with Belize Punta Rock. Everybody dance, dance. Everybody prance prance. Everybody dance to the spirit of Independence. Sweet Belizean Punta.

Lord Laro will be performing at the Sacred Heart Auditorium in San Ignacio on September 20th night and will also be participating in the Independence parade in San Ignacio the following day.