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Lord's Bank fatally man shot in his own home

35-year-old, Carlos Lopez is dead, and investigators are searching for the trigger man.  Lopez was inside his home in the Lord’s Bank area in Ladyville Village when a barrage of bullets was unleashed at his house at around eight o’clock last night. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvett, said that they currently have no motive for this murder.
A.C.P. Joseph Myvett: “Last night shortly after 8 pm police were called to the Lords Bank area to the home of one Carlos Lopez where upon arrival they were informed that Carlos Lopez had arrived sometime shortly before 8 along with one of his nieces who exited the vehicle and then went into his home while he stayed outside to close the gate and secure his vehicle. According to her she heard a number of shots and thereafter the police were called. The police then visited the area and conducted searches outside and then whilst searching inside the body of Carlos Lopez was found inside his home dressed in a blue jeans pants without a shirt, with gunshot injuries and motionless. The scene was processed and the body was removed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where it was pronounced dead.”
Estrada has been detained pending investigations.  Love News understands that seven expended shells were found at the scene. Lopez has had a previous encounter with the police, as he was once charged with drug related offenses.////////