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Lords Bank resident Roy Lord is gunned down in Belize City

There was a murder on the north side of Belize City just before midnight.  31-year-old, Roy Lord was on his way to pick up his girlfriend from her workplace on Newtown Barracks when he was killed by an armed male who approached him on Wilson Street.  The New Road resident was hit to the left side of his forehead, to the right side of his back and to the right side of his chest.  A friend of Lord’s says he heard the fatal shots.

Brother of Sister of Victim: “I was at home, my son and I watching TV and we heard about four or five shots and then he told me someone got shot and by the time we heard that my sister in law came around the lane hollering and said yes my boyfriend got shot as in Roy Lord, Roy Lord got shot. After that we as family went to see what happened and by the time we went there the body had already left with the Police. The Police took the body to the station and they give us the information that they needed to give us and my sister in law went to the hospital to see what would happen and I think he passed away after 4 this morning because he was on the machine and they called her and asked her if she would like to take him off the machine and they did and she went back to the hospital just a while ago to see if they would do the autopsy. That is all I know about it but all I could say it was a mistake. At the time it was a mistake. I don’t think he was an intended target. He is a very quiet person, I didn’t know him as a bad person, that is all I can say I didn’t know him as bad person and he was a caring person.””

Tonight the family of 31-year-old Roy Lord want only to lay him to rest and put the matter behind them. A family member, who spoke with us off camera for safety reasons, said they do not understand why Lord was targeted.

Sister of Victim: “He has a girlfriend that lives in the area and he usually goes and pick her up from work so that is what he was doing, picking her up from work. The only understanding we got was that he was going to pick up his girlfriend and apparently someone just came up and shot him twice in the back and one in the head, that is all we know. He wasn’t a person to pick problems, he never gave trouble to the knowledge of me or the family.”

Dalila Ical: “So you have no idea why someone would want him killed?”

Sister of victim: “No ma’am.”

Dalila Ical: Do you suspect that it could be some sort of case of mistaken identity?”

Sister of Victim: “Well that is what the family is saying because he doesn’t have any enemy to that extent. He is a sweet person. I had a birthday party on Saturday. Blackaz was at my house on Sunday and that was the last time we saw him on Sunday evening.”

Dalila Ical: “He never indicated that he was scared for his life, worried? No signs?”

Sister of Victim: “No signs.”

Dalila Ical: “Do you know if he is affiliated to any gangs, any suspicions of that sort?”

Sister of Victim:No ma’am not my Blackaz, he is not that. He is not friends with no gang people either.”

Lord leaves two sons. He died at 5 a.m. this morning while receiving treatment at the KHMH.