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Lottery operators to Sue GOB Over its Lottery Tax Increase

A new tax has been placed on boledo, Sunday lottery and jackpot sales. This comes as a result of Statutory Instrument Number 51 of 2022, which came into effect on April 1. Minister responsible for lotteries, Prime Minister John Briceno signed the S.I. in March and as a result, the primary seller of the Government lottery, Brads, will be filing a motion as early as tomorrow to scrap the S.I. As we understand it, the attorney on record for Brads, former Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Dean Barrow, will file the matter tomorrow at the Supreme Court. Brads’ owner, Kim Chee finds the SI quote “wholly illegal” and that Minister Briceno took into account irrelevant considerations, which are thought to be purely political. In other words, Brads feels that this SI violates his constitutional rights to equal protection under the law, a breach of his company’s rights to have a license to operate or to have that property or license taken away without due process or compensation. Brads argues that this infringes upon his constitutional rights against political discrimination. We are told that the company is asking for the SI to be struck down entirely because of its improper purpose, irrationality, lack of consultation and the fact that the matter was not taken before Parliament. The company is seeking judicial review of the SI and until the matter is fully heard, the Government should refrain implementing the SI. We also are being told that the company is seeking hefty damages for a violation of constitutional rights. We continue to follow this story.