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Lottery winner donates new cycles to Belize City Traffic Department

This afternoon, Serrano’s Bus Line, which operates out of Ladyville made a donation to the traffic department. Proprietor Tenisha Serrano handed over two Honda brand motorcycles to the department, a gesture that the couple decided upon after her husband won the fantasy five lottery recently.

Proprietor Tenisha Serrano: My husband won the fantasy five and this was something that he always wanted to do so he decided to donate two motorcycles to the Traffic department. We also donated two to the Ladyville police and also two to Transport department. It is just something that he always wanted to do so we believe that there is a need for it and for that reason we decided to donate and we also gave back to our people in Ladyville. We gave them a free day to ride the bus so if they wanted to ride the bus from 6 o’clock in the morning until 8:30pm in the night they had that day to do that.

Belize City Councillor: Serrano’s bus line; they offered us to donate two motorcycles to the department which was well needed because one of the things here at the department is lack of mobility for the officers and they have to be deployed all over this city and we have two mobile vehicles that have to wait and drop off, pick up and so this is a very instrumental part of the department now knowing that two officers could mobilize around the city better now.

 Reporter: Did you all approach Serrano or did Serrano approach you?

Belize City Councillor: No we didn’t and it was completely out of the blue, one day Mr. Sirano called me and said councilor well we are in a situation now we won fantasy five and they said they want to make a donation to the department and I said we would welcome it and we would greatly appreciate it.