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Love at Guava Park

There is a new sign in Belize City and it’s all about ‘LOVE’. The LOVE signed was unveiled this morning at Guava Park in the Belama Phase 1 Area. Like the other signs around the city, this one was Estevan Perrera’s idea and endorsed by Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley.


“Since the last sign that we did which was the post guard sign that we did in front of the supreme court, I spoke with the Mayor Darrell Bradley and indicated that we wanted to create another sign; something that would create and emanate a feeling of Love and Happiness within the community and so what we decided, I designed this new sign for families, so that persons who are in relationships; husbands and wives, persons who are getting married, persons attending prom so that they can utilize the sign and appreciate it so that they can have that image of Love resonate within their pictures and photos that they want to do. This is more of a sign that is designed for families in Belize more than the touristic approach that the other signs were and were used for. I reached out to creative marketing, Mr. Jose Ketz, and asked him to contribute to the sign so that we could have businesses also involved in the creation of these signs and the maintenance of them so that they can continue to look good throughout the ages.”

The sign was made possible with the financial assistance of Creative Marketing.