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Love continues to make an impact after twenty-five years

There is a saying ‘never despise humble beginnings’, Love FM, is a testimony to that since it got started twenty-five years ago from the lower flat of the Chief Executive Officer’s home, Rene Villanueva Sr. Today, it has grown leaps and bounds, its broadcasting capability spanning the entire length of the country.   Villanueva said that as a child he dreamt of owning his own radio station and at the age of 42 it became a reality. Villanueva Sr. recalls the vision and mission he had for the broadcasting station.

Rene Villanueva Sr. – Chief Executive Officer of RSV Ltd

“I would like to think that the impact that Love FM has had on the media scope on this country has been a tremendous one perhaps one of the most outstanding impacts that the media has ever seen. For example I came out of the Broadcasting Cooperation of Belize where I was Chief Broadcasting Officer and General Manager and left immediately at the end of my contract as General Manager to create my own broadcasting organization Love FM which has grown over the past twenty-five years to what it is today the premier broadcasting institution in this country. When we started twenty-five years ago it was like what will this organization be, what will love FM be like and the goals are clearly delineated very first we had with the early staff and the early people that were a part of our genesis and our goal was to become the biggest and best. Those are two maybe overused words but they help to describe what we were thinking at the time. To become the biggest and best media house in Belize. To be an agent of change in our country change for the better to serve our people in a professional and unbiased manner. To take care of the people that worked with us. To not take political sides, to not take religious sides in any programming of our own and do not support any organization not working in the best interest of Belize or the Belizean people. To set a bar of excellence in the delivery of our services.”

Villanueva said that he chose the name Love because at the time the environment was very toxic with hate and he wanted to promote Love in its truest sense.

Rene Villanueva Sr. – Chief Executive Officer of RSV Ltd

“I have over the years, of course, continued looking at the true meaning of the word Love and what the feeling that Love provides and realize that this whole thing, this whole organization was really inspired by Love. Love of self because I had to survive I had to find a way to survive so love of self, love of people because we had to become that instrument of service to the people and by extension Love of country and then added to that, of course, the supreme Love of all the Love of God which is the love that gives us the power to overcome whatever adversities we go through in life.”

Villanueva said that Love FM refuses to take sides be it political or religious, but instead serves the nation in a way that promotes fairness and balance. RSV Limited has gone on to incorporate two other radio station, Estereo Amor and More FM as well as Love Television.