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Love Entertainment will host live music for a family fun weekend at the NATS 2019

The official opening of the National Agriculture and Trade Show 2019 was done today on the showgrounds in Belmopan.  The events will be aired live on Love Television. Additionally, Love Entertainment and Sports will also be hosting a series of live music and entertainment on the main stage at the NATS on Saturday and Sunday. Director of Entertainment and Sports at Love FM Richard Moody tells us more.

Richard Moody – Director of Entertainment and Sport: “This week for Agriculture weekend we have a two day weekend filled with great entertainment for you: first of all we are going to be celebrating Mohobub this year as our featured artist. Every year we do a featured artist, last year our featured artist was Mimie and this year we are featuring Mohobub Flores who hasn’t performed at an Agriculture Show for twenty plus years. Also we have the X Band, we will back him, we have Super G, Mimie, Sea Wills the Paranda Prince as well as none other than Harrison Doggy King bringing the Bruk Down vybe, we also have Mile 41 Band, the number one Reggae band in the country performing, that is going to be fabulous as well, we are looking forward to that. Tagg International is going to be playing great music, myself as the M.C. alongside Lord Byron, a brand new guy on the scene. He is known mainly in the south like in Dangriga but I think it is time for him to be a national figure and the best stage for people to to make their debut is the National Agriculture and Trade Show so Lord Byron will  be making his appearance in a crowd of this magnitude on Love FM’s main stage. 11 AM until 6 PM Saturday and Sunday, make sure you visit all the booths and have a phenomenal time and keep it safe, make sure you stay close to your kids all right because every year we have lost and found at our main stage at Love FM so make sure you hold on to your kids and have a good time right.”

There will also be games on stage and all will be carried live on Love Television.