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Love FM and Love Television Gear Up for Election Coverage

Love FM and Love Television are two media entities under the umbrella of RSV Limited.  Over the years, the two companies have been known to carry out in-depth coverage of national events ranging from flood situations, hurricanes, elections and the likes.  General Elections 2015 is no different as the company prepares for nationwide coverage come Wednesday, November 4.  Carmen Barrow is one of the organizers behind tomorrow’s coverage and she spoke to Love News on what the broadcast on Election Day will entail.


“For Tomorrow’s election coverage the audience can expect a whole lot for us. We have spent the past couple weeks doing a lot of strategizing on the ground making sure that we have all our i’s dotted and our t’s crossed in terms of tomorrow’s broadcast. What will happen is our broadcast kicks off at 6am. For people who have been watching Love Fm and Love Television for a long time our CEO Rene Villanueva Sr. is going to be the person linking the broadcast for us throughout the course of the day. We start at 6am and we will go right through the voting process so we are going to be bringing you reports from every single one of those 31 constituencies across the country. We have a team of about 62 persons who will have been deployed some of them are already on the ground making sure they are getting their act together in the area they are located and then the rest of our team deploys tomorrow. That is for the people who are going to go out in the districts. The Belize City team and people for the Belize Rural Areas those taking tomorrow morning. We have what I consider to be one of the best team of analysts in the business and the persons we are looking at I mentioned Rene Sr., Ms.Ann Marie Williams who has done several election coverage’s, Troye Gabb he and Ann worked for the Municipal Elections for us and then along with them is going to be Henry Gordon one of the persons whom I consider to be for us here at Love Fm our governance expert when it comes to looking at the way we are governed.

Outside of the radio and television coverage, there will also be online uploads of photos, videos and updates on several platforms.


“What people will see and what people will hear tomorrow on Love Fm and Love TV is the combination of the knowledge, the experiences that our team of analysts bring together on the front end and of course along with that they are going to be hearing from our correspondents across the country and then on the back end we have Loretta Palacio and her team from TBSL who will be working with us to generate all the maps and charts that people are going to be seeing which will be used to compliment the broadcast. Then along with that we have InternetWorks they are going to be powering our websites; Love Television and the love Fm website and then we have a crew of very young people who are going to be dealing with the Facebook aspect of it for us.


Coverage starts at 6am tomorrow and will end when the results of the thirty one constituencies have been delivered.