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Love FM celebrates 26 years of service to Belize

Love FM is celebrating its twenty-six anniversary.  Armin Arana, one of the familiar announcers, who could be heard regularly on the air waves shared his journey for the past thirteen years at Love FM.

Armin Arana: “Good morning and welcome to Love FM, it is 28 minutes to 10 o’clock and here today we are celebrating our 26th Anniversary here at Love and we have a whole heap of fun for you, giveaways and prizes hoping that all is well with you on a Thursday and you are treating the love of your life great. It is good that everybody is feeling the love on February 14th.”

Johnelle Mckenzie: “Love FM is celebrating its 26th Anniversary. Armin Arana one of the familiar announcers who could be heard regularly on the air waves shared his journey for the past 13 years at Love FM.”

Armin Arana: “I must say that it has been 13 years of fun. I am looking forward to more years. You get to travel, you get to meet new people and new experiences every time so it has been awesome so far. Everytime I travel outside of Belize City somebody will come up to you and say they enjoy the presentation on the radio, they enjoy certain shows like the 12 days of Christmas or the Band Fest when they see you. They will come and say good job. I was down south and a gentleman I met from the states had said he always heard me and said man can you sign something for me and he had nothing to sign in terms of autograph. That was shocking you know and he said you know what we don’t have anything but I will find something. He had on a brand new white tennis shoes and he said sign my shoe and so I ended up signing his shoe.”

Jonelle Mckenzie: “ Dr. Rene Villanueva Sr. who is affectionately known by all as Chief, the man behind the Radio Station shared how it all got started.”

Rene Villanueva Sr.: “Well we started with one transmitter in the bathroom on 33 Freetown Road. It was between the bathtub and the toilet so you had be careful when you go to the toilet because you weren’t to touch the transmitter and you had to be careful how you were bathing because you don’t want to wet the transmitter either but that was the only place we could get it to get the antenna on a pole behind the roof on 33 Freetown Rd. and so that is where we started. It was a homemade transmitter made by Mike Gundy and covered Belize City and its environs, maybe up to Burrell Boom,  Hattieville that whole area there and so we started with that. Little by little we tried to find ways to buy new transmitters to go from town to town with the signal. One of our big efforts was to get up a signal on Baldy Beacon, from Baldy Beacon and then distribute that signal to the little transmitters in the various parts of the country and we just started building like that. Then we put together a comprehensive plan and approached the bank, got some money, not as easy as I am saying it but we got some money and managed to buy professional transmitters and antennas and so on and went nationwide from Corozal to Punta Gorda, across the entire country really. Becoming the first private radio station to attain that type of coverage over the country.” 

Johnelle Mckenzie: “Chief reflected on the 26 years the radio station has been in existence.”

Rene Villanueva Sr.: And so I want to say thank you to first of all to God because I have a deep belief in God and without God nothing is possible. God makes thing possible but you have to do your part and so first of all thank you God for all your blessings because God has blessed us tremendously, he has blessed Belize, he has blessed us. Then after God you have to thank the country of Belize, the county and people of Belize because they are the ones that chose to listen to us. We would be nothing if we were not serving our people and people were not listening to us. Of course you have to thank our advertisers who have placed their faith in us to promote their products and pay their bills so that we can carry on this service so we want to thank them and wish them the best because without our advertisers, people who choose this as their median of advertising then it would have been very difficult for us to continue building so I want to say thank you to all those who have entrusted the advertising to our organization and really hope that they continue doing that because this organization is dedicated to serving our advertisers and serving our people.”

Johnelle Mckenzie: “Chief added that the Radio Station is dedicated to serving the people of Belize. This is Johnelle Mckenzie reporting for Love News.”

Armin Arana: “ As always when we say goodbye we say Belize and Beyond thanks for choosing Love Happy Valentine.”

Chief added that Love FM is dedicated to serving the people of Belize.