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Love FM has been keeping the nation informed for 25 years

It has been twenty-five years that Love FM has been serving the nation of Belize. It is a media house that Belizeans at home and abroad have come to rely on. Senior Manager and Social Media Manager, Julia Carillo, said that Love FM established such a trustworthy reputation with the public because it has consistently kept the nation informed, especially during times of disaster.

Julia Carillo – Senior Manager & Social Media Manager

“October of 1998 Hurricane Mitch threatened Belize. It was expected to become a huge storm, a category 5 storm with its eyes directly set on Belize. As a station that seeks to inform, educate and entertain we went into action. We were monitoring the storm back then, we already had an idea of what we wanted to do coming from a public sector and going to a private sector, Mr. Villanueva our Chief, was always public sector oriented. His thing was that we have to educate and inform the public and so we had some concerns because we were on Freetown Road. We knew that a Category 5 Hurricane our building would not be able to handle a storm like that as many if not most of the buildings in Belize. BTL had gone down and so the concern was that NEMO was based in Belmopan, we are based in Belize City, if we have another telecommunication cut off how are we going to inform the public what’s going on. So when BTL came back up Chief contacted the then Cabinet Secretary Mr. Robert Leslie and asked him if we could get a space in Belmopan where we could get information directly from NEMO to inform the public. We had our nationwide system already in place, our transmitters and antennas were already over the country and this would have been a big test for us. The Cabinet secretary said ”How fast can you get here?” and Chief just said ”Just give me a space and we will get up there.” We worked for about a week out of the Prime Minister’s office keeping the nation informed. That in itself, thankful we were spared from the wrath of Hurricane Mitch; it touched all the other Central American Countries, its spared us I believe a lot of prayers happened that week and we were spared. We were able to stay up as well, we kept the nation informed and I think it was after that that we really drew attention as to when in times of disaster we would be the ones to keep the people informed.”

Carillo said that Love FM’s responsibility is to inform, educate and entertain and it does not take this lightly especially during times of disasters when people need to be kept abreast of what is going on.