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Love FM’s Armin Arana Needs Your Help

Love FM’s Armin Arana is in need of your help as he keeps losing blood, and the local doctors have been unable to diagnose him.  He is now looking to seek medical attention from a Hematologist in Merida, Yucatan but it will cost him over twenty thousand dollars.  The management and staff at RSV Media Centre have been pooling resources over the last few days, but now we need the public’s assistance.  Tomorrow on Love FM, Estereo Amor and Love Television a telethon will take place starting at nine o’clock in the morning.  Our newsroom spoke to Arana who recently came out of the hospital says he is hopeful and grateful for those who have assisted and those who are yet to reach out. 


 Armin Arana has been working at Love FM for seventeen years, and has become a household voice for special events such as Ruta Maya, Agriculture and Trade Show, 12 Days of Christmas, and multiple sporting event.  We appeal to the public to tune in and contribute in any way possible.  For more information, you can contact Julia Carrillo at 621-1955.