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Love FM’s Radio Shows

The Morning Show

Host: Troy Gabb , Thamar Jones, Dr. Rene Villanueva Sr. and Ernesto Vasquez (from left to right)
Air Time: Mondays to Fridays from 6:30 AM to 9:00 AM 

The Morning Show is one of Belize’s longest running Morning Shows on radio and television. It is the most widely recognized medium for propagating information in Belize and a forum renown for fair, open and unbiased discussions on current affairs and issues affecting all sectors of living in Belize…

101 degrees fahrenheit

Host: Brian Mossiah                           Air time: Saturdays at 2pm

101 Degree Fahrenheit with Bryan Mossiah is a program produced out of California and transmitted electronically to a live broadcast on Love FM every Saturday afternoon at 2:00. The veteran radio personality, also popularly known as the Energizer, delivers dynamic commentary and quality musical entertainment each time he is on the air!…

Late Night with Donovan Reneau

Host: Donovan Reneau          Air Time: Sun – Fri (12AM – 6AM)

A thirty year veteran in the broadcast industry, Donovan Reneau  has become a household name. His personality show Late Night with Donovan Reneau features a wide selection of oldies, slower tempo selections of the country and R&B genres that are juggled during this late night segment, setting the perfect tone for falling asleep to…

Love FM Flash News

Air time: Mondays – Saturdays (6AM, 12:30PM & 6PM)

Delivering credible news at the speed of Life; Love News is reliable and covers multiple angles of developing stories to ensure thorough and unbiased reports. Each complete newscast includes news, weather and sports. On Sunday our first news package airs at 12:30pm with the second news package airing at 6pm. As our tag line says Love FM is News and Music Power. When an accident or something late breaking occurs, our network of correspondents and reporters keep the nation informed with Love FM’s News Flash…

Opportunity Spotlight

Air Time: Monday – Friday (3PM – 4PM)

On weekdays from 3 to 4 in the afternoon, listeners have the opportunity to make live public announcements via Love FM on the Opportunity Spotlight. It is a community billboard of sorts where individuals (no corporate entities) my call or text in to announce messages in a number of categories which include but are not limited to, job searches, vacancies, community events etc. Information can be shared via Love FM’s office number : ( +501) 203-2098, Love FM’s Facebook Page or via shortcodes for Digicell (1010101) or Smart (8682)…