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Love Foundation and Belmopan Lion’s Club team up

The Love Foundation has partnered with the Belmopan Lion’s Club to carry out a three week summer program.

Pauline Soberanis Tillett reporting…
“The Love Foundation in partnership with the Belmopan Lions Club is launching its summer academy in Belmopan. This project is funded by UNDP and is geared at providing children ages 8-13 with an integrated approach to reading, writing and arithmetic. Love News spoke to Samantha Sharp program coordinator.

Samantha Sharp – Program Coordinator
“This media arts academy summer program is a first time initiative with Love Foundation and The Belmopan Lions Club. The summer program is targeting 50 kids from different parts of Belmopan namely Salvapan, San Martin, River, Las Flores and Belmopan Central. The program will be held over three weeks, from July 11 to July 28. It includes three very important components namely academic, recreational and therapeutic. The idea is to teach the kids in a fun way. Some of the sessions include expressive writing, math mania, drama, history, arts and crafts and sports. Invited guests such as Ms. Beverly Swasey and Mr. Cesar Ross from UB will be part of the program. Ms. Swasey will teach the kids about drama and Mr. Ross will present on Belizean history which includes Belizean heroes and landmarks. The kids will go on an educational trip as well. There will be a culmination on July 28. The parents will be invited to this event. It will showcase what the kids have done over the three weeks period.”

We also spoke to Zoey Zetina President of the Belmopan Lion’s Club who told us their role and how they partnered.

Zoey Zetina – President, Belmopan Lion’s Club
“Well back in November of 2016 Ms. Sewell attended the annual dinner and dance of the Belmopan Lions Club where I spoke about the intentions of the Belmopan Lions Club to start an afterschool program in Belmopan. Immediately after that Debbie approached me and said ‘Zoey we have the perfect partnership.’ and that is when we started to plan this summer program which will launch into an afterschool program in October. The role of the Belmopan Lions Club is to offer support to this program. We have offered the use of our den and our facilities for the duration of our program along with Lion volunteers who will assist with this team leaders and program facilitators. The Belmopan Lion’s Club is excited about the possibilities that this program is offering and the leadership opportunities for children in and around Belmopan.