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Love Foundation Launches Relief Drive in Aftermath of Hurricane Earl

There are currently 500 persons registered with the Love Foundation over a course of two years.  These parents and children are beneficiaries of the parenting, anger management and other courses offered by the Love Foundation in an effort to end the cycle of crime, abuse and poverty.  The programs are geared at building self-esteem and confidence whilst instilling positivity into their lives.  Today, however, the Love Foundation has embarked on a different program as they are working at helping their members in rebuilding their lives after the majority of them was affected by Hurricane Earl.  Deborah Sewell is the Executive Director for the Love Foundation.  She spoke to us about the cause they are working towards for the next four weeks.


Sewell says they are seeking the donation of clothing, school supplies among other things that are greatly needed by those who were affected.


On Saturday, August 13, the Love Foundation will move into the distribution of the items collected as explained by Sewell, who says they will need persons who are skilled in electrical, plumbing and carpentry.


Items being donated can be taken to the Love Foundation’s office at 46A Vernon Street at the three storey green cement structure on the left.