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Love Foundation Raises Funds for a Scholarship Program

Over the past two years, the Angelus Press Limited and the Love Foundation have carried out various initiatives aimed at providing educational support for needy children.  This morning a check of four thousand four hundred and fourteen Belizean dollars was handed over to the Love Foundation. The Foundation’s Managing Director Deborah Sewell told us how the initiative came to fruition.
Deborah Sewell, Executive Director, The Love Foundation

Deborah Sewell, Executive Director, The Love Foundation: “The Love Foundation and Angelus Press established a partnership two years ago and we work closely with them in promoting the agendas and the reason we promote the agendas is because the sale of those agendas help to provide education scholarships to needy young people across the country. The other project that we partnered with them on is the back to school drive and that back to school drive allowed us to provide a hundred and twenty school bags with supplies to students throughout the country as well. So we see our corporate partnership as really enhancing the work of the Love Foundation and allowing us to be able to provide opportunities for young people in areas where they’re most needy and lacking. For example COVID has had a serious effect on everyone countrywide and so we are receiving more and more requests for assistance with tuition and I’m assuming as we move back into the phasing of school that we will also be receiving requests for assistance with back to school supplies.”

 Operations Manager at the Angeles Press Limited John Gillet says the company’s dedication to giving back to the community is what sparked the relationship with the Love Foundation.

John Gillet, Operations Manager at Angelus Press Limited

John Gillet, Operations Manager at Angelus Press Limited: “We decided to commence this partnership. The main objective was trying to give back meaningful. The Angelus Press has always been a contributing member of society and we wanted to the right avenue to give back because we need to make sure things are put to the best possible use and with the Love Foundation we reached an agreement and for two years we have enjoyed this partnership with the diaries. These diaries are of course a regular seller for Angelus Press but we believe that with the partnership of Love Foundation two results can be achieved; honestly the sale of the agendas but two a meaningful way to give back and both of us are incentivized to try to sell as much as these diaries so that we can give back as much as possible to the community.”

Gillet says the partnership between the two organizations will carry on into the future as plans to raise funds for a back-to-school drive are in the pipeline.