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The Love Foundation’s Comic Sheet Creation

The Love Foundation held a comic sheet creation workshop via funding from the US Embassy in Belmopan’s anti corruption campaign. According to Cayo Corresponent Oufemio Cruz, students from different schools in Belmopan participated in the training session.

Fem Cruz: “Today at the George Prince Center for Peace and Development in Belmopan the Love Foundation held a Comic Sheet Creation workshop through a grant that they got from the US Embassy on an anti corruption campaign. According to Jewel Lewis the Love Foundation team leader of this workshop is to inaugurate the beginning of this project.

Jewel Lewis Love Foundation Team Leader: “So our SOCKIT campaign ( Stomping Out Corruption and Kicking in Transparency) focuses on bringing about transparency for good governance and one of the ways we are trying to do so is to have these participants from the nearby schools surrounding Belmopan to participate in these comic sheet creations whereby the students will be able to in a creative and artistic way show their talents and give their examples of different forms of corruption that is affecting them and so this is a way that we are able to have focus group sessions with these students to educate them on what good governance is: what are the different types and forms of corruption and then they would give us back their examples of corruption through these comic sheets.

Fem Cruz: “Angel Belisle one of the participants who explained what she learned.”

Angel Belisle: “Well we learned about the different kinds of corruption and what corruption can do in Belize. We spoke about when people bring different people into work businesses and the way how they bring in their family and friends like favorites. We learned that through different ways by them explaining how it works and we even drew comic strips about it too. This is brother Fem Cruz Cayo Correspondent reporting for Love FM.