Love News Exclusive: Survivor Points to Alcohol as Key Factor in Fatal Accident

Love News Exclusive: Survivor Points to Alcohol as Key Factor in Fatal Accident

As it relates to the cause of the accident, one of the survivors spoke exclusively to Love News and says that it is his belief that alcohol played a pivotal role in what occurred. 35-year-old, Elias Orellano is a construction worker from San Martin, Belmopan who had been working for Sherwin Garbutt for about a year. According to Orellano, he clearly recalls how the entire ordeal unfolded. 

Elias Orellano, RTA Survivor: “I could recall that we were coming at a high speed from Dangriga we were overtaking everything, on the curve the man started to argue with Brown. Talking about some argument they had in work side and then told him that nobody will kill him he will kill himself. All I can remember is the car took five to seven flips because I was alive. My whole body was out of the window flipping and I decided to push him myself and when I pushed myself in that is when my foot broke because it went under the passenger seat and when it flipped again that is when my foot broke. Then I maneuvered to try to come out and when I came out I saw two of them on the ground. The rest of them I couldn’t find them so I caught a taxi to reach the hospital. It was a taxi I took to reach the hospital. All of that is on my bill and thing. I haven’t even collected for my week’s pay because they were drunk arguing, the man was driving on 120 coming down and we were telling him to give the other man the key, give Mr.Brown the key to drive and he didn’t want because he said he knew the road and it’s his car. When he took that curve to come up mile 28 he took a left curve and he went too out of the bush then he came into the right went into the ditch and when he came out back to the road he started to flip. That’s all I could remember it took like seven flips. We’ve ridden with him for years and he’s never driven like that. He drives at 40-45, all of a sudden he went to 100-120 speeding then it’s only rum that could cause that. We were telling him on the road to stop running like that. The man touched him and told him to give him the key but he said no he knows the road. “what you could do is go to the back and die like cows” he said.” that’s what he told them. So I shut up and held onto the thing and just braced myself. When it started to flip my body went out and when I pushed myself back in my foot went to the bottom under the seat because it was a high seat, that is what saved me and I thank God for giving me another chance. It’s already the second chance I’m nearly dead, in 2020 they tried to kill me in my vegetable shop in Belmopan. They went to shoot after me and God gave me another chance then and this is the second chance I’m getting.”

Orellano added that he wanted to take the bus home when he was done working, but he had no money, and was waiting to get paid.  He noted that while he understands that this might be sensitive for the family members of the driver to hear, he believes that it is important for the truth to be told, as it could possibly raise awareness on the risks of drunk driving. 

Elias Orellano, RTA Survivor: “Now I have a bill from nine change to pay, no week’s pay, I’m not paying insurance, not paying social nothing they pay us. It’s like damn I got hurt for free. I would like people to support me to pay my medical care and the bills at least for the hospital because then you know it’s not something we expected would happen to say that I have th finance to come pay. And please don’t drive drunk and cause accidents because you see what it caused ? A lot of lives, people’s expense and things like that.”  

Elias is father of an 8-year-old girl child and says this is his second chance at life because he was a victim of a shooting at his vegetable shop three years ago. Anyone interested in providing financial assistance can do so through a St John’s Credit union account number 26355.

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