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Low Carbon Initiatives Launched

Belize is a supporter and signatory of several high-level international agreements relevant to the integration of sustainable development in national policy and planning and the fight against climate change. In keeping with that commitment the South Pole Group was tasked in putting together a publication of policies and strategies for Belize to continue the efforts in mitigating the effects of climate change.  Miguel Chavarria, a senior consultant at South Pole Group in Mexico made presentations this morning on the report at the Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel in Belize City.


“My work here is to help and assist the government and National Climate Change office and the Sustainable Development Unit in aligning these two public policy instruments which are on one hand low carbon development roadmap which has been developed also by the consultancy I work for and also the growth and sustainable development strategy which is about to be published and which also recognized many of the targets that we are aiming to address through this new road map.”

Chavarria went on to explain the short and long term goals for the country on the issue of climate change.


“What we are working in is identifying the capacity gaps in the country. The different groups of capacity gaps, maybe we are talking about financing needs, maybe about the lack of some policies or maybe having more than one policy at the time. We are trying to identify these gaps and in addition to that identify or propose some measures in order to close those gaps. We are not only thinking about short term but we are also thinking about the mid and long term. The overall goal is to assist the country in order to move toward a low carbon development path which is also differentiated based on the resources of the country. It depends on the resources of the country, the conditions and also the commitments through the international community. It is important to take all of those factors and put them together for the benefit of this document that will assist Belize in this achievement.”

The South Pole Group is a Mexican consultant group and with that we asked about the common ground between Belize and Mexico when it comes to the challenges of climate change.


“I think in Mexico we still have a long ways to go too. Many of the things that or the context I have found here is also what we had in Mexico and we are working maybe a little bit different at the time because the context was different and the sectors that should have been prioritized were different and here the land use is really important that must be addressed in the first priorities. Strategies and public policies are different but I think they all do the same in contributing to international commitments.”

As part of today’s session there was the Implementation of the Roadmap for Low Carbon and Climate Resilient Development.