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Low pressure to dump more rains on Belize

The rains have been incessant in the past few days and as the weekend approaches the Belize Weather Bureau is forecasting similar weather conditions.  Reporter, Johnelle McKenzie took a drive north to meet with the Deputy Chief Meteorologist, Derrick Rudon.

Derrick Rudon Deputy Chief Meteorologist: “There is an area of low pressure located near North Eastern Honduras right near Cape Gracias A Dios and that has been producing a large area of cloudiness, showers and thunderstorms  over the Central Western Caribbean and that has been influencing our weather and causing our weather to be showery over the last few days. It will move generally to the West or the North West and it should be right in front of us sometime on Sunday. We can expect the weather to continue showery and rainy over the next two to three days.We have a flood alert out for possible flooding especially over the Southern Districts.”